Redefining value on the cellular platforms to a broad range of mobile operators and enterprises, VectraCom helps its clients to conquer the complex challenges of reach, speed, predictability and cost in today’s evolving wireless and web environment.


As a complete one-window solution service provider, VectraCom has come a long way to create its own platforms based on industry standard technologies like SMS, MMS, GPRS and WAP. Our indigenously developed technologies and platforms allow us to handle any situation and need with ease and comfort.

Over the period we have come across situations where the solution was required for an immediate change in delivery mechanism. Using our experiences in different regions of the world we successfully created and deployed our technologies that have the capability to deliver content and information on any of the following industry standard channels: Text, Voice, Video and Data.


Our forte is the provision of content to the leading telecommunication giants in Pakistan and abroad. From running entertainment portals, such as Warid Music Club (currently being operated in one of our studios) to doing voiceovers for value added services Xtravox remains unparalleled. In a fairly short time we have managed to make a firm mark in this emerging field and there’s a long way still left to cover.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is our core strength we are providing different IVR services to different telcos and clients. We are running 2 different IVR radios from our clients for their sim users we are also providing news, entertainment & infotainment through recorded content on IVR format in creative manner.

SMS and MMS Services:

Across the world millions of people seek for different mediums to remain updated and well-aware. We, here at VectraCom offer a combination of entertainment and information in the league of these mediums that we provide to facilitate our valuable end-users in consideration to their demand, inclination and preferences. We make this possible by disseminating messages in Text and Multimedia format to mobile phone terminals, allowing the users to get benefited by a modernized standard in order to obtain worthwhile information instantly. Be it International, National or Regional domain, from Event Based content to daily InfoServices – we ensure clarity, precision and class in our work. Excellence being of utmost significance, in text services we ensure finest quality content being delivered directly to the user’s mobile screen around the globe.

NEWS Desk:

News Desk works 24/7 providing news content to various clients of the company. News Desk updates news on interface and sends news alerts to National and International telcos via Voice and text both on a mutually agreed time whenever the occasion occurs to happen. For updating news, a general news policy has been designed that is being precisely followed. “NewsDesk” is responsible for collecting, editing and timely forwarding all news items including breaking news, headlines, sports, business, entertainment and others within the parameters listed and the policy document pertaining to clients as a whole or in particular.


The VectraCom’s very own Cricket portal which brings out the utter amazement, excitement, enthralment and spirit to cheer your favorite cricket team as you do right inside a stadium. Krikwire is a portal specially built out for cricket lovers who have the need of receiving alerts, news and updates of cricket wherever and whenever they wish to. The features of this portal are live match streaming, highlights, wicket alerts, wicket replay and many more, all in text and multimedia both.