In the era of technology and innovation, VectraCom has grown to establish itself as the premium technology house in the region marking it’s inception in the year 1999. From a road trip to excelling in the Value Added Services sphere to soaring in the skies of 3G and 4G technology/revolution, VectraCom has been continually adding value in the realm of telecommunication and multimedia.

Defining technology in every possible way, we provide customized technology solutions in the evolving world of technology and business processes. Intertwined with one other, each business unit delivers beyond par performance be it marketing solutions, software and applications,  quality assurance, robotics or VAS.

Enabling excellence at all available ends, our team comprises of enthusiastic experts forming a group of researchers/innovators and engineers who strive to transform ideas into platforms virtually – empowering our clients within Pakistan and internationally with a wealth of opportunities.